January 20, 2021

Assembly Bill 62 and Covid-19 Regulations

Help may be on the way for employers with respect to recently passed Covid-19 regulations. The first pile of bills introduced ahead of the next legislative session which begins in January includes a measure which would allow tax deductions for costs small employers incur in complying with recently enacted Covid-19 safety regulations. Specifically, Assembly Bill 62 offered by Assemblyman Adam Grey would allow a tax credit for specified businesses equal to the amount paid or incurred to comply with Covid-19 emergency regulations that Cal/OSHA adopted in November. The rules, among other things, require employers to implement site specific plans to protect workers from Covid-19, provide face coverings and to correct unsafe or unhealthy conditions. This proposed bill would apply to all small businesses as defined in Government Code Section 14837 and to employers whose workforce are defined as essential critical infrastructure workers.

If you are a worker who contracted Covid-19 as a result of a potential workplace exposure, contact Baziak & Steevens to discuss your Workers’ Compensation rights and options.