February 21, 2023

The Challenges of Navigating the California Workers' Compensation System

This blog post discusses the challenges of navigating the California Workers' Compensation system and the need for reform to ensure injured workers receive timely and adequate treatment. Our worker's compensation attorney emphasizes the importance of addressing this issue and encourages the legislature to make the necessary changes. If you're struggling to navigate the system, the attorneys at Baziak and Steevens offer a free consultation to provide guidance and support.
July 02, 2021

Age and How it May Affect an Injury Claim

Last week the California legislature amended proposed Senate Bill 788 to eliminate language that would have prohibited apportioning permanent disability to non-industrial causes based on a worker’s age or genetic characteristics.
May 20, 2021

The State’s Broken MPN System Has Been Put On Hold For The Foreseeable Future

Now more than ever it is critical to have a certified specialist in the field of Workers’ Compensation to help an injured worker navigate through the minefield of medical treatment delays and denials of care which are inevitable.
March 05, 2021

New California Legislature For Workers’ Compensation

Among the bills recently introduced in the California legislature, two stand out. The first, SB788, would signal an intent by the legislature to root out biased and discriminatory practices in the Workers’ Compensation system.
January 28, 2021

Are You an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

If you are injured at work, are you entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits? The answer to that question may not be as clear as you might think.
January 20, 2021

Assembly Bill 62 and Covid-19 Regulations

Help may be on the way for employers with respect to recently passed Covid-19 regulations through Assembly Bill 62 that allow a tax credit for specified businesses equal to the amount paid or incurred to comply with Covid-19 emergency regulations that Cal/OSHA adopted in November.
January 04, 2021

Cal/OSHA Emergency Covid-19 Prevention Regulations

Cal/OSHA has approved emergency Covid-19 prevention regulations which will likely go into effect by November 30, 2020. These new and updated regulations enhance an employer’s obligations with regard to the current Covid-19 crisis. Specifically, the new regulations pertain to nine separate and distinct areas. Employers can learn more in the article about the steps they should follow in relation to the current Covid-19 crisis.